Our basic website services does not include a domain name.  If you would like to purchase a domain name, we will request that you provide the name that you would like for your website and we will research the name to make sure the name is available.  If the name is available , we will purchase the domain name upon receipt of your payment.  If the name is not available, we will provide you with alternative domain names that are available for your website.  Domain names are purchased at an additional cost.  Domain names are good for ONE YEAR.   If customers would like to keep the same domain name after one year, he/she must purchase the domain name directly from the website provider.

Domain Name Services

  • Domain names are purchased through the website provider and we cannot issue a refund for domain names.  Domain names are good for up to one year.  After one year, the customer who would like to keep that same domain name must purchase a domain name directly from the website provider.